Collinson to map out the future of customer loyalty with Future Agenda

18 February 2015
Future Agenda will map out the challenges and opportunities businesses will face over the next decade.

Collinson, a global leader in influencing customer behaviour, will be one of the key sponsors and participants in the Future Agenda 2.0 forum which comes to Dubai on 24th February.

Future Agenda 2.0 is a cross-disciplinary foresight programme which will map out the challenges and opportunities businesses will face over the next decade.  Alongside Collinson, it brings together experts from Emirates, Royal & Sun Alliance, ADCB, ADIB and Jumeirah.

Christopher Evans, Joint CEO, Collinson, said: "The internet, rapid advances in technology and big data have changed the way that businesses have to think about their relationships with their customers.  While the old models might still work today, we want to understand what will work tomorrow and how organisations can build brand loyalty in the future. The challenge now lies in understanding the consumer of the future and how to meet their redefined needs and expectations.

"While special offers and points programmes still deliver value today, we believe that tomorrow will see more innovative loyalty initiatives built on greater customer insight and understanding.  The 'background noise' of points programmes, cards, and digital engagement is getting louder, so brands that are serious about building long-term relationships with consumers will need to work far smarter to engender loyalty.

We expect we will see a set of consumer expectations that brands will no longer be able to deliver alone. Strategic brand alliances, designed to deliver sophisticated choice and content, to complex consumer needs, are likely to emerge. We also think that in the coming years brands will need to be disruptive in their thinking about loyalty, seeking new kinds of value propositions, exploring different models and redefining the very ways in which loyalty is perceived.

"Through our work with leading financial services providers, airlines and technology brands around the world, we are aware of the challenges our clients face. We invest significantly in better understanding these challenges to develop solutions that enable us to remain leaders in the field of loyalty and strategic loyalty partners to our clients.  We're very excited to be part of Future Agenda 2.0 and look forward to making some major contributions to its research."

Future Agenda 2.0 brings together leading experts in a range of subjects including healthcare, technology, government and commerce, to help organisations understand the long-term impact of social and technological change around the world. 

Collinson's contribution to the programme will focus on the future of loyalty, exploring how the proliferation of loyalty programmes and an increasing variety of consumer touch points is making it increasingly difficult for brands to build lasting, profitable relationships with customers.

The Gulf States are all experiencing major shifts in consumer behaviour, driven by mass consumer adoption of social networks and mobile devices.  UAE boasts the highest Facebook penetration in the world, at 44 percent, while Saudi Arabia boasts a higher percentage of Twitter users - 33 percent - than anywhere else in the world.  Collinson believes these developments are having a dramatic effect on the relationships between consumers and brands.

Christopher Evans will be speaking at Future Agenda 2.0's workshop in Dubai on 24th February. Additional workshops in London, Sao Paolo, Shanghai, Singapore and New York are planned between now and June.

Date: 24th February 2015

Venue: The Conrad Hotel, Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai


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