Corporate travel is on the rise

03 December 2015
Latest ONS data shows 70% year on year growth in spend by corporate travellers overseas plus a significant rise in number of visits.

Mark Rands, Head of Assistance at Collinson Group commented: "The most recent travel data highlights a significant year on year increase in corporate travel overseas. Spend on business trips abroad saw a 70 per cent jump year on year, rising from £1.1 billion in the third quarter of 2014 to £1.8 billion in the third quarter of 2015. This considerable uplift may well be driven by an increase in the overall number of business trips, which rose from 1.57 million to 1.73 million or 10 per cent, over the same period. The total number of nights spent overseas by business travellers rose by 45 per cent.

"Corporate travel is a hugely important part of doing business and we expect spend and visitor numbers to continue rising over the longer term as organisations become increasingly globalised. The types of countries corporate travellers are visiting is also evolving, requiring workers to visit more unusual and sometimes higher risk locations, as well as the more traditional business destinations. (As previously highlighted by Collinson Group, UK business travellers make 52% more trips to high-risk destinations, 3rd December 2015)

"As this trend evolves, the need for firms to exercise their duty of care towards travelling employees grows with it. Firms must ensure that staff who are travelling have ready access to destination-specific information and guidance that is relevant to high impact events, as well as their specific travel itineraries and individual circumstances to protect their safety and wellbeing."

Year  Sum of visits Sum of nights Sum of spend
 Q3 2015 1,727,735 12,670,515 £1,818,876,855
Q3 2014 1,567,078 8,740,396 £1,072,140,633
% difference 10% 45% 70%

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