DHL Celebrate 10 years of DHL Altitude

01 May 2013

Marking a significant milestone, Collinson (formally ICLP) and DHL are this month celebrating ten years of the successful DHL Altitude loyalty programme. The award-winning programme rewards DHL corporate customers in the Middle East with points for their spend with DHL, helping to secure their business long-term and reduce the number of split shipments.

In 2003, DHL partnered with Collinson, the global leaders in loyalty, to pilot a loyalty programme across a limited range of products. Customers were rewarded based on the destination of their shipments and the services used. However, as DHL came to see the impressive results of the programme, Collinson were tasked to re-launch DHL Altitude with a simplified rewards proposition that applies across every service DHL provides.

Today, DHL Altitude rewards customers with points for their spend on DHL services, which can be redeemed for DHL and partner products and services. Since the 2007 re-launch, DHL Altitude has gone on to become the region’s most successful loyalty programme, and was named Loyalty Programme of the Year at the 2008 Gulf Effectiveness in Marketing (GMR) Awards. For DHL, though, the biggest rewards are a bottom-line impact and positive customer feedback.

Elliott Santon, Marketing Manager at DHL Express UAE says: “DHL Altitude enhances our value proposition and is a powerful sales tool to help us win new business. The programme also helps us to get more from each customer with fewer split shipments and stronger relationships. In these ways, DHL Altitude has a real bottom-line impact on what we do, helping the business and rewarding our customers.”

Collinson has built an extensive portfolio of rewards for DHL Altitude, catering to personal and business rewards. The rewards currently available include Damas Jewelry, Grand Cinemas, Oasis Water, Paris Gallery, Abu Dhabi Mall, Wild Wadi, to name a few.  Alternatively, customers can donate their points to charities including the Médecins Sans Frontiéres, Al Noor Training Centre, Dubai Centre for Special Needs and World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF). In addition, Collinson creates innovative campaigns and promotions that encourage customers to use new DHL services. Many of these campaigns are based on specific database segments that can be used to make the DHL Altitude experience more personal and more effectively drive desired behaviours.

Dion Maritz, Regional Director, MEIA at Collinson says: “The Altitude programme has helped DHL successfully convert first time shippers into long term customers, as well as increase the average spend per customer simply by promoting specific services to customers who are most likely to need them. It is this focus on data insight driven communication and personalisation that has led to the programme’s long term success.”

DHL’s Elliott Santon adds: “The team at Collinson used their expertise to create the right programme for DHL customers, driving incremental revenue and additional opportunities for members to earn rewards. DHL Altitude is also a rich source of marketing data, allowing us to create targeted, insight-driven campaigns. It has been a very successful ten years, and we look forward to giving our DHL Altitude members even more reason to do business with us in the years to come.”