Eurostar launches new loyalty programme with Collinson

13 December 2017
Collinson, the global leader in influencing customer behaviour and driving customer devotion, is launching a new programme with Eurostar for its most frequent travellers. Club Eurostar consolidates Eurostar's Frequent Traveller (for leisure travellers) and Plus Points (for business travellers) loyalty programmes. The company is bolstering its overall loyalty strategy in a move to provide an improved member experience.

Collinson has played a central role in developing a new programme engine that integrates seamlessly with the interfaces and systems within Eurostar's evolving technical landscape. This integration will allow the team to implement a refined data strategy, as members are migrated to the new initiative. It will also provide an environment for Eurostar to make decisions regarding the optimisation of the programme as it becomes established, ensuring that it can scale and adapt for future requirements.

Collinson's loyalty engine will power the combined leisure and business traveller propositions, helping Eurostar to deliver smoother digital experiences for members, with more opportunities to redeem points and access rewards quickly and easily. For the first time, the loyalty programme will be accessible to all passengers across the world without any fees or qualifying fares. Club Eurostar Shop will offer a wider curated selection of rewards to a large percentage of the membership base, with top-tier members able to use their points to access over 600 rewards including watches, fashion accessories, consumer electronics, audio products, luggage, travel accessories, perfumes and cosmetics. Club Eurostar Shop is also bringing existing partnerships into the new programme, offering a choice of bespoke wine collections from Tordoffs, a trusted partner for over 15 years. The programme will be available across seven countries in three languages.

The existing Eurostar programme members will be able to benefit from the new Club Eurostar programme from now on.

Dorothee Mariotte, Senior Customer Insight and Retention Manager, at Eurostar, said:  "Through our work with Collinson, Club Eurostar will offer members something truly rewarding: an accessible loyalty programme featuring an extensive range of curated redemption opportunities. The new programme will enable us to recognise and reward our travellers, as well as gain valuable insight for the business."

Steve Grout, Head of Loyalty at Collinson, said: "Today's traveller has so many choices available to them.  It has never been more important for travel companies to invest in attracting, retaining and getting closer to customers. The new Club Eurostar offers a valuable, engaging programme for leisure and business travellers while providing Eurostar with opportunities to gain new passengers in a market dominated by frequent flyer programmes."

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