GHA wins industry awards

02 September 2013

Collinson (formerly ICLP) are pleased to announce that our client, Global Hotel Alliance (GHA) has won 9 industry awards with the GHA Discovery programme, which focuses on offering its members amazing local experiences wherever they travel.

The programme has been recognised across multiple disciplines across 4 industry award ceremonies.

GHA’s CEO, Chris Hartley commented, “We recently celebrated GHA’s 10th Anniversary and now GHA Discovery has won these fabulous awards, so it’s certainly exciting times for the alliance. I believe the key to our success has been enabling customer recognition across multiple brands and ensuring all 425 hotels can deliver what we promise the customer each time they stay, regardless of the brand they choose.

Everyone associated with GHA Discovery can be proud of what we’ve achieved in creating this loyalty programme, which is still only four years old; and we hope and expect that more brands will join us in offering what is becoming an exciting alternative for customers to the points-based, mega-chain programmes, and create further success in the future”.

GHA has collected the following awards:

Travel Weekly Magellan Awards

The Travel Weekly Magellan Awards honour the best in the travel industry, from design to marketing to services and salute the outstanding travel professionals behind it all.

Silver Winning Entry - Tier Challenge Campaign
Gold Winning Entry - Hospitality Loyalty Program

The Travel Marketing Awards

Now in its sixth year, The Travel Marketing Awards highlight marketing excellence in the travel industry and aim to recognise and raise standards across in this sector.

Bronze Standard - Best direct mail (print) - GHA Welcome Pack and Welcome Series 2013

Loyalty 360 Awards

The inaugural Loyalty360 awards from the loyalty marketer’s association, recognises excellence, innovation and best practice across the loyalty industry worldwide.

Gold Winner - 360-Degree Award
Silver Winner - Best Reward Program
Silver Winner - Best Use of Customer Insight or Voice of the Customer in Loyalty Marketing

Horizon Interactive Awards

The Horizon Interactive Awards recognising outstanding achievement among international interactive media producers, rewarding the best web sites, videos, online advertising, print media and mobile applications.                                        

Gold Winner – Email, Promotion
Silver Winner – Email, Newsletter
Bronze Winner – Print, Branding Campaign

We would like to congratulate GHA on their wins!