Keeping your customers happy today means thinking differently

12 December 2018

Keeping ever more demanding customers happy requires creativity. At Collinson, a business focused on loyalty and benefits, we’re thinking outside the box. Or, more accurately, “outside the lounge”.


We live in a time of great expectations. In our on-demand world, almost everything we could want is just a swipe away. There’s never been so much abundance and so many choices.

We’ve responded to demanding even more. Expectations are rising – and there’s no sign they are going to fade soon: more than two thirds of consumers say their standard for a good experience gets higher all the time.[1]


Unlocking loyalty

At Collinson, we help companies meet the challenge of rising customer expectations. We provide reward programmes that our clients use to strengthen customer relationships and build loyalty.

For our payment network and telco clients, the challenge of rising expectations is especially acute. Typically, these companies service high-value and demanding customers who expect the best. They need to offer rewards that are compelling for these discerning individuals.

Our flagship product Priority Pass, the world’s longest running airport lounge access programme, is designed to fit this brief. It opens the door to more than 1200 airport lounge experiences in over 500 cities and 143 countries. Typically, clients offer this premium benefit to premium customers, usually as part of a top-tier payments card or mobile communications subscription.


Continual improvement

To stay in step with rising expectations, we continually improve Priority Pass. One way we do this is by adding more airport lounges every year. This is particularly attractive to the frequent travellers who make up the majority of Priority Pass Members: more lounges mean more opportunities to enjoy their benefit. 

Within lounges, we’ve been introducing innovative features to enhance the guest experience with new entertainment and wellbeing features: recent examples range from a PlayStation Room and Clarins Wellness area at Heathrow T4, to sleep pods at Dubai International and even a mini movie theatre in Beijing Capital International.


Upgrade the airport experience | Priority Pass | Collinson

Thinking “outside the lounge”

Now, we’re moving to a new frontier: outside the lounge. We are exploring how we can elevate the customer journey through the airport to give Priority Pass Members a premium experience from check-in to the gate. As one of the first steps in this direction, we added a growing number of airport dining experiences to the programme, showing Members that Priority Pass gives them value outside the lounge.

However, our latest innovation is our biggest step yet towards a richer airport experience. Priority Pass offers give Members special discounts, value-adds or gifts with purchase from a range of leading retail, lifestyle, spa and dining brands in the airport.  So far, we have introduced more than 800 offers to Priority Pass and we are adding more all the time.

Members can find offers on the Priority Pass app, the web site or advertised in participating outlets. To take advantage, they simply download an offer code from the Priority Pass app and present it at checkout or when settling their bill. It’s as simple as that.

Priority Pass offers extends the Priority Pass experience beyond the lounge and into the concourse. And it’s just one component in our drive to transform time spent at the airport, in the lounge and beyond. Using the Priority Pass app as a flexible platform, we can continually add services that enhance the travel experience. The new indoor mapping and wayfinding feature, for example, guides the traveller from the check-in to departures, making it easy for them to locate retailers, amenities, restaurants and bars or the lounge.


Keeping you in step with rising expectations

Finding new ways to engage today’s ever more demanding customers is one of the most critical challenges facing business today. At Collinson, we continually find new ways to engage today’s ever more demanding customers, helping payment networks and telcos give high-value customers the high-quality travel experiences they expect. 


[1]State of the Connected Consumer, June 2018. Salesforce.