Road safety: Protect employees travelling overseas with a comprehensive travel risk management policy

22 August 2018
When businesses send employees overseas, it is essential that they factor road safety into a comprehensive travel risk management policy to protect workers and fulfil their Duty of Care. 

Our Head of Corporate Travel, Randall Gordon-Duff, and Global Security Director, Peter Cooper, offer their top road safety planning tips, as well as practical advice for mitigating risks associated with travelling by road generally and in countries considered less safe to drive in by the World Health Organisation.  

Randall and Peter say road travel is the most common cause of accidents for employees working overseas, whether they are travelling as passengers or planning to self-drive, so businesses should start with a pre-travel risk assessment of the country they are sending workers to. This should include road safety. 

Read the full article; published in CEO Today.

Collinson offers a comprehensive travel risk management solution that encompasses pre-travel support and assistance, support while travelling such as integrated response services and secure journey management, and emergency response and co-ordination.