Summer holiday flight delays: not all pain, some gain

Peter Gerstle, Head of Travel Products
28 June 2017
By Peter Gerstle, Head of Travel Products

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Technology is continuously evolving to make every aspect of our lives quicker and easier, more immediate. It's no wonder that our perception of time, attention span and tolerance towards delays are all getting shorter. This most certainly extends to flight delays - we've all been stuck at an airport, tired and frustrated with no immediate options to reduce the stress delays cause.

BBC News has reported that flight delays in the UK remain a scourge for passengers, with their analysis showing that one in five flights to popular holiday destinations are delayed by more than 30 minutes. Shockingly, one flight last year was delayed for 13 hours!

Our recent research showed a similar trend, not just in the UK, but globally, and whilst airline and insurance compensation is available, this often means keeping hold of receipts, remembering to put in a claim and then waiting for compensation, easily a couple of months after the end of a trip. The eventual payout no longer feels connected in any way to the delay and certainly did not help when most needed or appreciated.

Stranded Traveller tackles this challenge differently: providing access to an airport VIP lounge in the event of a major flight delay, automatically sending an entry pass to your phone with no need to go through a claims process. Surely more on-demand services like this are where the future of the travel experience lies? There are so many ways technology can streamline processes, make services more responsive and satisfy our ever-increasing need for speed (even though, ironically, it might be to get to a place to relax).

To find out more about Stranded Traveller and how it can be used as an added value travel benefit for your customers, please contact us.

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