Whitepaper: Why you need an effective Loyalty Strategy, not just a Loyalty Programme

01 January 2019

A loyalty strategy encompasses the entire journey your customers travel with you

Winning the loyalty of today’s customer is more challenging than it has ever been. It’s difficult to imagine any industry not affected by the forces of technology and market change that are creating today’s hypercompetitive milieu for brands in all sectors.

Today’s customers are always “on.” The digital revolution has made brands a persistent part of consumers’ everyday lives which fuel increasingly demanding customer expectations.

So, how do brands acquire, engage and retain valued customers in an environment like this?

Collinson views loyalty as a continuum. It is most definitely not an either/or proposition. Viewing loyalty as a continuum provides a useful way to envision the transition of a customer from a habit-oriented relationship of convenience with your product to a deeply connected state of loyalty, marked by engagement with, and devotion to your brand and product and a willingness to advocate their merits to others.

In this white paper, we’ll start by carving out a definition for loyalty that works in today’s markets. Then we’ll talk about loyalty as a strategy, rather than a singular programme. And finally, we’ll explore tactical principles you can use to fuel an effective loyalty strategy.

A loyalty strategy encompasses the entire journey your customers travel with you. It’s not a platform. It’s not a reward. It’s a holistic strategy that aims to motivate customer behaviour to achieve goals of customer acquisition, development and retention.

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Written by Tracy Delphia, Senior Insights Analyst; Ian Hutchieson, Head of Channel Strategy and Nick Fletcher, Head of Strategy and Planning

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