XLS loyalty solution is extended to the mPOS world

16 December 2015

Aix-en-Provence, France, 17 December 2015- Collinson (formerly Welcome Real Time) announces today the launch of XLS mPOS, an extension of its loyalty solution for Mobile Point of Sale (mPOS) devices.  

With graphical interfaces, forms and shapes different from the traditional POS terminals, mPOS devices enhance the possibilities to better communicate, enrol and reward customers. This new generation of payment terminals is poised to grow and earn a significant market share.

With XLS mPOS, Collinson continues to put loyalty at the heart of every payment interaction with the addition of a new payment channel beyond traditional POS terminals. Aimed at supporting mPOS providers who want to offer loyalty services to retailers, XLS mPOS comes with easy-to-integrate APIs in the form of software development kits (SDKs) for the Android mobile platforms.

XLS mPOS brings a wide range of payment-based loyalty capabilities such as:

  • Card-linked loyalty: Customers are identified with their payment card and don’t need to carry around loyalty cards. Loyalty conveniently becomes an integral part of payment.
  • Optimal rewarding: Customers get recognized and rewarded based on basket value, past purchase behavior (RFM), other events such as ‘happy hour’ and ‘birthdays’, basket content (SKU)
  • Reward diversity: Customers get rewarded with diverse rewards ranging from instant discounts to coupons
  • Convenient real-time redemption: Customers enjoy user-friendly and convenient redemption of rewards, paying less with cash and more with points / miles
  • Pay with 3rd party points:Customers pay less with cash and more with points / miles from airline companies, hotels chains.
  • Catalogue of offers: Customers benefit from in-store redemption catalogue similar to a web catalogue, but fit for the customer physical experience in-store

“With the majority of mPOS providers being high-tech start-ups expecting ‘drag-and-drop’ integration, Collinson had to provide minimal learning curve and integration to integrate payment-based loyalty solutions” said Pierre Boces, head of Product Marketing and Consulting, Collinson. “A faster time-to-market and the quickness to rollout new features position XLS mPOS as the solution of choice for mPOS providers looking for loyalty services”.