Collinson International Healthcare

Collinson International Healthcare

Global medical insurance designed specifically for insurers and employee benefit providers.

With more people deciding to move abroad and populations generally being more globally mobile both due to the rise of international tourism and outwards business expansion, the demand from customers wanting to access the best medical treatment available wherever they are is ever increasing. 

We work with our partners to deliver solutions to enhance your brand, allowing you to align your healthcare proposition with the rest of your product portfolio. Each implementation is customised for each client, including component offerings and levels of cover available. 

Our solutions offer customers access to the best available medical treatment across the globe through our international network of health providers, flexible levels of cover including regional solutions and access to our in-house 24/7/365 medical assistance capability. Benefits can be tailored from medically necessary evacuation only to fully comprehensive plans including wellness, optical, dental, medical second opinion and expat support services.

SmartHealth International Kenya

Our international healthcare plan will enable you to provide your employees and their families with peace of mind, access to international medical treatment as well as 24/7 access to medical staff whenever and wherever it is needed.


Overview Features Benefits
Highest standards of international healthcare
  • Global access to international medical support with annual limits of up to $4.5m coupled with medical evacuation and repatriation services to and from our designated centres of excellence
  • Can be tailored to individual company requirements and budgets to meet international healthcare needs and duty of care responsibilities
 Access to the highest standards of local and international medical expertise where Collinson's medical experts will triage between in-country treating doctors to deliver the treatment customers need, wherever they need it.
24/7 support throughout a healthcare journey
  • Telephone access to Collinson's qualified in-house medical staff who will monitor and actively manage each customer's healthcare journey
  • Guaranteed payment of medical expenses to ensure the right care is given when it is needed for the customer*
Provides confidence that support and advice is personalised to an individual customer's situation at all times. 
Travel assistance
  • Access to a comprehensive and fully integrated travel assistance portal, including medical and security destination reports and a real time incident alert service
  • 24/7 telephone access to medical and security experts
Ensures travellers feel safe wherever they are with expert advice and support to assist pre-departure, on the move and in an emergency. 
Flight delay assistance
  • Access to an airport lounge in the case of a flight delay.
  • Easy to activate via online registration process completed in advance of departure
Provides immediate access to the peace and tranquillity of one of over 1000 lounges worldwide and in turn generates greater value for your travelling employees. 
International second opinion service
  • Access to a complimentary second opinion medical service when a serious medical condition has been diagnosed, delivered by MediGuide, a world leader in the Medical Second Opinion field
  • Comprehensive review conducted by an experienced, multi-disciplinary team of experts specific to the identified medical condition
Provides confidence that each case will be reviewed by a team of multi-disciplinary physicians who practice at world-leading medical centres and are renowned for their medical research, cutting-edge treatments and overall quality of clinical outcomes.
Digital healthcare
  • Access to a digital advisory international primary care service with qualified healthcare professionals**
Provides access to a wide range of medical professionals wherever your employees are in the world.

*subject to eligibility | ** service supplied from the UK

Collinson’s medical assistance teams last year managed

1 million
request for assistance
emergency calls
medical cases
aero-medical evacuations
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