Lounge Reviews coming soon on Priority Pass website and app

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As we approach the busy summer getaway season with cultural events taking place around the world, we’re sure to see millions of people take to the skies over the coming months.

So, it’s perfect timing that we will be re-launching our Lounge Review feature on the Priority Pass website, as well as re-introducing it to the Priority Pass app in the coming months.


Research shows that around 90% of consumers read online reviews before visiting a business1 and 93% of them use such reviews to determine whether a product or service is good or bad2 To put the dominance of reviews into further perspective, there are an average of 270 reviews made every minute on TripAdvisor3.

We think it’s important that Priority Pass Members are able to review their experiences too, and more importantly, recommend lounges to other travellers via ratings as well as provide constructive feedback when it’s due.
The valuable insights we receive via Lounge Reviews will further help us to address Members’ feedback and work more closely with you to provide a quality customer experience for our Members both in the lounge and after they have visited.

Additionally, the reviews will contribute to our annual Lounge of the Year Awards, which recognise airport lounges offering the best service, experience, refreshments and business facilities. The 2020 Awards will mark its 15th anniversary since launch - look out for more updates on how we plan to celebrate the awards later in the year. 


How do the Lounge Reviews work?

Once a Priority Pass Member has visited a lounge, they will be able to review their lounge experience via their Visit History page on the Priority Pass website or app. To leave a review, they will be asked to follow the following steps:

  1. Members to view their Visit History page and click on ‘Rate My Visit’ on a recently visited lounge.
  2. The Member is prompted to rate three fields: Facilities | Refreshments | Service. There is also a section for comments.
  3. After submitting their lounge review, the Member will be prompted to add the lounge to their ‘Favourites’ if positive feedback was provided.
  4. The visit is updated on the Visit History page to show that the Member has left feedback. This cannot be amended in the future, but additional Lounge Reviews from other visits to the same lounge can be added.


More information on Lounge Reviews will be released soon. In the meantime, please get in touch with us if you have any questions. 


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