Collinson partners with UnionPay to offer LoungeKey

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We are pleased to announce an exciting new partnership with UnionPay – please accept UnionPay cardholders who present a valid LoungeKey benefit to gain access to your lounge.

Collinson partners with UnionPay to offer LoungeKey
China Minsheng Bank is the first and currently the only bank issuer that operates with UnionPay, the newest card type to the LoungeKey program, in addition to Mastercard and Visa.

As with other payment cards within the LoungeKey program, UnionPay and its Priority Platinum cardholders should present themselves as LoungeKey customers upon their arrival at your lounge. Their access would then be validated via the standardised process using your device or portal.


How to process LoungeKey visits:

As a reminder, there are three different ways to accept and validate LoungeKey customers' access to a lounge:

  1. Electronic card reader device: This is the primary registration method. Lounge staff should swipe the UnionPay / Mastercard / Visa payment card and the device will indicate if a customer’s lounge access is accepted.
  2. Lounge Gateway Portal: In the event that the Electronic Card Reader device does not work, please log-in to your Lounge Gateway portal ( using the same ID and password as your Electronic Card Reader device. Lounge staff should then select the “Check-in” button next to the LoungeKey logo and enter the payment card number to validate the card.
  3. Emergency Telephone: In the unlikely event that both the Electronic Card Reader device and the Lounge Gateway portal are unavailable, please contact your Collinson support team. This is available on page 11 in the LoungeKey manual, hosted on the Lounge Gateway portal.

Tips for processing LoungeKey visits:

  • To check whether a cardholder is eligible for LoungeKey benefits, please swipe the LoungeKey customers’ payment card through the Lounge Gateway device.
  • We request that you do not enter into any discussions with a LoungeKey customer regarding their visit charge, instead please kindly refer them to contact their card issuer.
  • Keep the LoungeKey signage on display at your reception / check-in counter. If you require any signage, please do not hesitate to request this from us.


We are here to support you with training and technical issues so please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.