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Don’t think insurance. Think your brand promise delivered profitably.

We've been running our own travel insurance brand, Columbus Direct, for 30+ years in 40 countries around the world. We take the key learnings regarding customer acquisition and conversion, retention and customer care and apply this to our clients. We do the testing on our own brand - you get the benefits applied directly to yours.

We have 40+ years’ experience across a wide travel insurance demographic including general mass market, over 50s’, students and impaired risk. Our expertise covers insurance sales, product design, underwriting, medical screening, claims and assistance services.

Marketing and ecommerce expertise


Delivering service differently

Global Capability

True global capability

Marketing and ecommerce expertise

We leverage the skills and expertise of our in-house marketing and loyalty specialists.Clients supplement their own marketing expertise with ours to deliver optimal acquisition campaigns, conversion strategies, customer communications and customer lifecycle management and retention. 

Our use of big data analytics and marketing technology ensures that our travel insurance proposition can make a real difference in driving airline ancillary revenue as well as for other partners.


True global capability

Whether it be accessing our global network of insurers, or our multi-language customer service centre and marketing solutions, we have the tools and experience to deliver for your brand. This is all backed up by our in-house medical teams and extensive global medical network with hospital and logistics available in 197 countries. Our integated Global Operations Centres provide a central point of contact for travellers. Whether routine advice or emergency assistance is required, our skilled operators ensure travellers are cared for whatever the issue they might face.


Delivering service differently

We pride ourselves on our customer service ethos – ‘Delivering Service Differently’, and recognise that every customer interaction matters and that every customer is different. We provide our partners and their customers with personalised service and tailored support ensuring that the customer is always at the forefront. Our context-specific and white-labelled insurance and assistance solutions blend our experience, industry expertise and customer understanding. When customers need help, they get the best possible experience, while our partners receive optimised value for their brand. 

Experience of delivering for Airlines

To date, the huge growth of ancillary revenue in airlines has disguised the fact that travel insurance conversion rates in the booking path are decreasing. Today, success demands a more compelling insurance proposition delivered in a smarter way. With a deep understanding of the aviation industry, we leverage our superior use of data, insight and personalisation to help our clients add extraordinary revenue to their bottom line and customer satisfaction to their brand experience. We can quickly help you to drive ancillary revenue through the use of dynamic messaging and tailored products to increase conversion rates and upsell opportunities.

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