Collinson supports Save the Children Emergency Fund

22 April 2020
Collinson is supporting Save the Children’s Emergency Fund – helping to ensure children caught up in emergencies stay safe, healthy and keep learning.

Support for the Emergency Fund has never been more crucial in responding to emergencies on the ground around the world to help children stay safe, healthy and to continue learning.

It could not be more vital with the global outbreak of COVID-19. The global pandemic is threatening children’s rights around the world, exposing them to potential risks and disrupting their lives. With support from the Emergency Fund, Save the Children were able to kickstart their COVID-19 response. They have now launched the biggest appeal in their 100-year history – aiming to raise $100 million to protect children in the world’s most deprived areas affected by COVID-19.

The Emergency Fund allows Save the Children to work faster and respond to real need, to deliver life-saving food, shelter, medicine and education straight to children and families who require it most, no matter where – and even in those emergencies that do not make the headlines. 

It also allows Save the Children to work to avert crises before they become life-threatening by preparing communities with pre-positioned resources to respond within a few hours of an emergency occurring and limit the impact they can have.

Together with Save the Children, we are helping give children the chance not just to survive, but to thrive. Every child should be able to make their mark on the world and build a better future for themselves.

In 2019, Save the Children’s humanitarian work reached 35 countries and nearly 14 million people. The Emergency Fund responded to crisis in, Syria, Yemen, Nepal, India, Bangladesh, Mozambique, Democratic Republic of Congo, Uganda and the Horn of Africa. Covering emergencies as a result of conflict, health epidemic, drought, flooding, cyclones and earthquakes. 

For more information on how Collinson are supporting Save the Children’s Emergency Fund visit here.

Save the Children/Lei Tapang
Save the Children's Emergency Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic
In every country and community, the COVID-19 pandemic is turning children’s lives upside down. Health systems are under extraordinary pressure to provide care, more than 1.5 billion students are out of school and university, and families are struggling financially. For the world’s most vulnerable and poorest children, being separated or loosing parents can make them vulnerable to abuse, neglect and exploitation – and they might not be able to access essential health services.

Save the Children has over 20,000 staff working in more than 114 countries, and its expert emergency health teams are experienced in responding to major disease epidemics and pandemics all over the world. Its response to the pandemic is geared towards four simple goals: 

  • Saving lives by preventing and managing the pandemic
  • Helping children learn and return to school 
  • Increasing financial resilience through safety nets for families in need 
  • Keeping children safe in their homes and in communities

Keeping children safe and healthy
Save the Children is helping healthcare teams across the world to tackle this pandemic – getting supplies and equipment out, training staff and helping to get the right public health messaging out to communities. Its Emergency Health Unit, a network of health and medical experts, is already responding to COVID-19 in 16 countries, providing technical advice and planning online training for health workers.

Supporting children’s education
Over 90% of the world’s student population are currently out of school. Save the Children is quickly developing distance learning so that children can continue their education at home and helping parents to support their children whilst juggling other responsibilities and challenges.

To make sure no children miss out, Save the Children is ensuring education programmes can continue wherever possible – whether that’s online, over radio or by getting materials out to children’s homes.

Standing with families across the UK
Even before the COVID-19 outbreak, more than 4 million children lived in poverty in the UK. Save the Children has now launched an Emergency Grants Programme to support the most vulnerable children and families with food vouchers, early learning resources and household goods. There is also a brand-new hub for families on website called The Den. Developed with the help of Save the Children’s early learning experts, it’s full of stuff to help children get creative, as well as tips for parents.

With your support and in partnership with STC, we can help children and their families get through this. Click here to learn more about Save the Children’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic and to donate to their Coronavirus Emergency Appeal.