Our Head of DevOps discusses our transformation journey

24 September 2019

Our Head of DevOps for Travel Experiences, Lee Gardiner talks about our DevOps journey across our Travel Experiences business area.

An experienced DevOps Engineer with expertise across cloud, CICD and Security, Lee joined Collinson to lead our DevOps transformation in Travel Experiences, starting with cloud migration.

Some of the challenges we faced included:

• CD over multiple technologies
• CI over multiple technologies
• Lack of OS documentation / consistency
• Environments were inconsistent
• Little to no cloud infrastructure

But since we have started this journey we have:

• Established consolidated CICD Methodologies and technologies
• Ensured 100% IAC OS provisioning using Ansible (Windows/Linux)
• Ensured 100% IAC Infrastructure using Terraform
• Embed DevOp Engineers into Squads forming DevOps chapters
• Migrated to Cloud using AWS/Azure/AliCloud/GCP
• Moved to containerisation using Kubernetes
• Ensured company compliance standards are met throughout
• Rolled out global infrastructure so we can constantly innovate, globally.


Based on the foundational practices, which in Lee's opinion the best summary of this is the 2018 State of DevOps, we are in the early stages of our journey and whilst still on the path of transformation, our vision and velocity are clear.

If you are interested in a joining our DevOps transformation keep an eye on our careers page or follow Lee Gardiner on LinkedIn.