No matter what size business or how small or large your needs are, we have a right-sized loyalty management solution to help you recognize, reward and communicate to drive deeper customer devotion.

Delivering a truly personalized and meaningful relationship relies on truly knowing your customers. Our powerful solutions make it simple for you to recognize all of your customer's interactions with you - from purchases to social media engagement to store or branch visits.  Likewise, responsive and simple to use member portals make it easy for members to join and manage their loyalty accounts on any device. We can even enable POS devices to serve as loyalty program portals.

Rewarding your customers means not only delivering the right type of reward that surprises and delights, but knowing when, where and how to deliver it. Our flexible and customizable platforms make it easy to identify when 

your customer should be rewarded and better still, make getting it to them the way they want even simpler, even at point of sale.

The true key to success in any loyalty program, we offer a number of ways to enable personalised, optimal communication with your members. Our loyalty platforms give your customers and staff responsive and intuitive portals to connect to their membership accounts.  Our solutions can even connect seamlessly to your current marketing and communications systems via API, or if required, are capable of triggering communications directly.  We also have a range of solutions for communications  and marketing automation that can work with your current loyalty platform.

Collinson Realtime-XLS™

Our enterprise-grade, real-time loyalty solution for banks and large retailers.

Track. Influence. Reward.

Discover how our loyalty experts and Realtime-XLS combine to deliver enhanced customer experiences every time.

Collinson SmartEngage™

Our scalable and flexible loyalty solution.
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