The demanding digital-first customer has raised the bar on expectations. Time-poor and choice-rich, they seek value, personalization and convenience. Agile, digital-led players continue to create opportunities and challenges for more established banks and institutions. Increased regulation is reshaping the finance sector, altering banking behavior and practices worldwide. The aftermath of these changes and the accepted new paradigm firmly puts the customer in control of their banking relationships. The value of a customer’s brand perception, product relevance, cost to acquire new customers and process transparency has never been more important in maintaining customer relationships and the balance of profitability.

We also understand the importance to you of delivering more personalized financial and lifestyle experiences to your customers. And we understand like no-one else how to use these experiences to increase customer acquisition, engagement and retention. With over 30 years experience in working with more than 600 banks and financial institutions worldwide, only Collinson has the loyalty expertise and added value benefits to help you identify, attract, retain and grow customer relationships bank-wide. Uniquely placed to differentiate your offering and elevate your brand, Collinson provides smarter experiences to drive deeper devotion.

Increase customer acquisition

Your future customers expect more, but delivering a delightful experience and giving them a compelling reason to choose you over others can be a challenge. You want to stand out and attract them with relevant and compelling products and services that differentiate and elevate your brand. Our solutions have enabled global financial brands to acquire the right caliber of customer for over 30 years.

Improve customer loyalty

Whether your customer is a revolver or transactor, active or apathetic, you want to improve loyalty to reduce churn, keep your brand front of mind and your card top of wallet.  Our expertise and insight-driven loyalty benefits and solutions will recognize, reward and retain your most valued customers in a challenging environment.  

Drive digital engagement

We understand that your customers are more connected, digitally astute and choice-rich than ever before. Understanding consumer behavior and delivering personalized, superior rewards plays a fundamental role in increasing card usage, incentivizing spend and ultimately, driving engagement.
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