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A fully integrated and tailored solution

Helping you manage the needs of your international travelers and expatriates.

For employees, travelling and working in different destinations and environments can at times be tiring and stressful. Travel might be outside of normal business hours and involve spending periods of time away from home, friends and family. They could be on assignment in a more remote or challenging location, or working in a country or city where the infrastructure is less sophisticated and medical facilities are not easily accessible. Whatever the nature of their travel experience, you want to ensure they feel safe and protected and can perform at their best.

Our travel risk management solutions and travel experiences will enable your expatriates and employees to travel safely and with confidence within a framework that facilitates a traveler’s journey from beginning to end. We will work with your organization’s risk profile and culture to deliver precisely the services and support your business needs from pre-travel preparation to in-trip support, and medical and security expertise as needed.

Our approach to TRM


Our insight and experience has shown that there are some core and common requirements that organizations of any size are looking to address when it comes to travel risk management. However it is important to us that we work in partnership with you, understand your requirements and conduct a detailed review of your internal policies, procedures and traveler patterns to determine a travel risk management program that not only is tailored to your needs, but is managed from whatever region and location is right for you and your business.


Our core TRM programme

Features Benefits
Pre-travel risk assessment and advisories Access to a wide spectrum of tools and advice, including advice around vaccinations and disease risk, visa requirements or the latest updates on destination security
  • More informed and prepared travelers
  • Improved risk assessments pre-trip
Online portal and app (Risk Monitor) Travel information platform and app incorporating real-time risk information.
  • Instant and ongoing management of travel risk exposure for both the organization and traveler
Global employee and traveler tracking (People Monitor) Fully integrated traveler tracking platform that draws upon HR systems, geo-location and travel data to highlight emerging global risks as they occur and two way communications capability.
  • Monitor all of your people globally in a single view
  • Easy to communicate with individuals or groups directly during an incident or crisis
Global medical and security assistance, advice and support 24/7 Integrated Global Medical and Security Operations Centres where medical and security teams combine to provide medical, security and general travel assistance.
  • Single point of contact for travelers whenever and whatever their need


Solution Enhancements


In addition to a core Travel Risk Management program, we know that clients have challenges in achieving traveler compliance to internal booking processes. We offer a range of additional and enhanced services to not only enable you to fulfil your duty of care obligations but to go beyond that to further enrich the experience you can deliver to your travelers and expatriates and ensure they are at the heart of policy.

Our programme enhancements can further enrich your core program and include bespoke risk consultancy, ongoing organisational support and remote site assistance, and traveler assistance and wellbeing solutions.

Bespoke risk consultancy

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Bespoke risk consultancy
  • Bespoke risk consultancy

Organizational support and remote site assistance

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Organizational support and remote site assistance
  • Organizational support and remote site assistance

Traveler assistance and wellbeing

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Traveler assistance and wellbeing
  • Traveler Assistance and Wellbeing
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