The Global Travel Recovery Map

Marketing Team
Marketing Team
21 Sep 2020

As travel recovery continues to fluctuate, it’s a real challenge to monitor which airports are fully operational and responding to COVID-19. Collinson’s Global Travel Recovery Map is a free resource to help you better understand the situation in over 150 airports across the globe. Specifically:

  • See which Airports are offering Inbound Airport Testing
  • Monitor COVID rates (by country)
  • Understand which airport lounges as part of the Global Priority Pass network are available
  • Monitor increase in flight number growth

To explore a specific airport location, please simply click on a pin. 

If you like our map, please feel free to bookmark and share with other travel fans and industry contacts.

 Map key:

  • Airport Name: The name of the airport
  • Country: The name of the country the airport is located in
  • Airport Code: The global code for airport locations
  • City: The name of the city the airport is located in
  • COVID Average Increase: The number of new recorded COVID-19 cases by country over the past week (information sourced through CSSE at Johns Hopkins University)
  • Airport Testing Inbound: Confirmation of COVID-19 inbound airport testing availability at each airport. Yes = available / No = unavailable / NA = to be confirmed (information sourced through Airports Council International)
  • Lounge Availability: Confirmation of which airport lounges in the Global Priority Pass network are available at each airport
  • Flight Number Growth: The percentage change in flight volumes week-on-week at each airport 

The Global Travel Recovery

Mapping Travel recovery

It is Collinson’s number one goal to get the world safely travelling again. With a rich heritage and passion for travel and aviation, we’re dedicated to helping ensure the safe return of global and domestic travel.

Over the past few months, we’ve taken a number of steps to help aid the travel recovery.

  • Inbound Testing: Subject to government approval, we’re ready to kick off airport testing at Heathrow Airport
  • Global Health & Hygiene Lounge Standards: Review our latest protocols, designed to help protect visiting members and staff within our Priority Pass global lounge network
  • GSA: See the first COVID-19 independent global security standard for hotels

If you’d to like to learn more about our Global Travel Recovery Map or our wider efforts to help re-start the travel industry, please get in touch below.

Marketing Team

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