Encouraging a safe return to the workplace

Ease the return back into the workplace by helping to safeguard your employees’ health
Pandemic Support Services
Gold-standard level testing

Gold-standard level testing

Broad medical capability

Simple, science-led solutions

Solutions tailored to your airport

Solutions tailored to your organisation

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From construction and manufacturing, to media and entertainment companies, we have been helping businesses to stay productive and facilitate a safe return to the workplace with established COVID-19 testing solutions.

We know that effective and efficient monitoring requires a bespoke approach that’s tailored to your organisation and workforce, so our COVID-19 testing solutions are planned around your specific needs and can be adapted from a regional to global basis.

Everything, including site planning, implementation and test administration, can by managed by us. We’re also able to provide a convenient portal platform that allows individuals to book tests and receive results in one place. All our solutions are overseen by our in-house medical experts, and can be carried out either on site or in our accredited laboratories. We also closely monitor market developments to make sure your programme has the latest technology possible.


Tailored solutions backed by science

Core Programme

Adapted to your needs

Each organisation is unique in how it manages their employee flows and the situation is constantly changing. With this in mind, we take a tailored approach to planning the most appropriate solution for your needs, with safety and employee experience at the forefront.

Core Programme

Our test-at-workplace solution

Employees can be tested for COVID-19 on arrival at their place of work. They simply provide a sample when they arrive, then continue to their workstation while the sample is being tested. Results are delivered through a secure online portal.

Core Programme

Consultation and ongoing support

Look after your employees’ wellbeing with extra support and advice, including consultation, a 24/7 hotline, plus advice relating to symptoms, mental health and wellbeing. We can also produce action plans for positive COVID-19 test results.

Core Programme

Managed solutions

We can provide all the elements of a workplace testing plan, from supplying home testing kits through to fully managed, on-site workplace testing supported by our trained medical staff.


Tailored and scalable approaches to testing

Medical and security assistance

Covid-19 Testing

Help passengers to travel with confidence. Our solutions are tailored to your requirements, and can include models such as test-to-fly or test-on-arrival, and others based on destination entry requirements.

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