Collinson Partner Update: July 2021

Dear Partner,

The world is slowly opening back up and we’re seeing more and more travellers return to the skies. With positive developments in travel regulations and progress in the roll out of Covid-19 vaccines globally, we are optimistic about what the future looks like for the travel industry.

We want to work more closely with you to invite and welcome travellers who seek a safe, relaxing, and comfortable experience pre and post flights, while providing you with the simplest tools and solutions for their visits to your venue.

Read ahead for more information or contact us if you have any questions.

Our best regards,

The Collinson Group

Update: Lounge Gateway Reporting

New look and feel of the reporting pages for a clearer and neater view of your visitor data. All information and functionality remain the same.

Travel Sentiment Survey Report

See how Priority Pass Members’ air travel habits and behaviours have changed since July 2020, what measures will and won’t restore confidence in air travel, and more.

Priority Pass Membership Video

If you have available digital screens in your lounge or outlet, we can provide a video for you to display with a bespoke offer code for any membership sales.

Do we have your latest images?

Help us promote your facilities and services across our channels with quality photos of your lounge(s) or outlet(s).