Lounge Standards Survey: Responses from 8,000 Priority Pass Members

From November 2020 to January 2021, we reached out to our Priority Pass Members for feedback on the enhanced health and safety measures put in place across our lounge network, following the roll out of our recommended Global Airport Lounge Health & Hygiene Standards last year.


Survey questions and key findings at a glance

Question 1: Overall, how satisfied were you with the following safety measures during your recent visit?

Members were asked to choose from Very Satisfied, Satisfied, Neutral, Not Satisfied, or Very Dissatisfied, on Cleanliness, Contactless Food, Sanitizer, PPE, and Social Distancing. 


  • We were pleased to see that 46% of our Members were ‘Very satisfied’, and 33% were ‘Satisfied’ with the safety measures in place at lounges they recently visited.
  • Only 3% were ‘Not Satisfied’, 7% were ‘Very Dissatisfied’, and 8% were ‘Neutral’.

Question 2:Did the lounge safety measures make your lounge visit a more positive experience?

A fantastic 83% of Members confirmed that the overall lounge visit experience was improved due to the safety measures in place.


Question 3: Is there anything else you would like to share about your recent lounge visit?

We wanted to give our Members the opportunity to provide us with additional feedback about their lounge experience, and we received some interesting comments. These varied from lounge to lounge and in some cases, went beyond the topic of health and safety. Those that were directly relating to lounge safety include:

“They have adapted well. I will be back.”

“Contactless only between staff and patrons.”

“We felt totally safe in the lounge.”

“Need to clean units before new person arrive.”

“The visit was good at these challenging times.”

“Not all staff wearing masks properly.”

“Welcome refuge and felt safer there.”


We thank you for continuing to keep our Members safe. If you have any questions about the above or about our recommended Global Airport Lounge Health & Hygiene Standards, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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