Priority Pass Members’ Lounge Access with Payment Cards

As we prepare to welcome travellers once again, we continue to develop new solutions for you and our Members.

In the coming weeks, you’ll see a small number of Priority Pass Members who will be able to access your lounge using their payment (credit) card. In addition to the Priority Pass membership cards and digital membership cards, this option will help provide a simplified check-in process for staff and visitors. No payments will be taken from the Member’s payment card used for check-in.

Simplified check-in process:

Using your new Collinson device

  • Payment cards and membership cards can simply be swiped through the device while on the home screen. 

The Lounge Gateway Portal

  • No need to select the correct programme when checking-in a Priority Pass Member, regardless of the type of card presented for lounge access
  • “Membership / Reference Number” can be selected to enter details of a digital membership card or a physical membership card
  • “Payment Card Number” can be selected to enter details of a payment card presented to access your lounge

Important information to keep in mind:

Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS)

To keep our Members and their payment card data safe, be sure to always follow the below instructions:

  • Do not use your manual imprinting machine to take an imprint of the Member’s payment card
  • Do not write down the Member’s payment card details on paper or any form of voucher you may operate
  • Do not send payment card details by email or post under any circumstances

New training materials

To support you with your new Collinson device, check-in processes and invoicing, we’re also providing you with training videos and documentation. To access these, simply log in to your Lounge Gateway portal, click on the ‘Help’ section, and select ‘Collinson Training Guide’.

Contact us if you have any questions about Lounge Access with Payment cards.

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