Contactless Journey: No-signature process at point of visitor check-in

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Airport lounges play an increasingly important role in the customer journey as air travel resumes, offering travellers a refuge from the airport concourse. To help protect the safety and welfare of staff and visitors across the network of partner lounges, we published a comprehensive set of global Airport Lounge Health & Hygiene Standards.

Our global lounge standards were developed with lounge partners and our in-house Global Medical Director, Dr Simon Worrell. The standards address key elements of the lounge experience, setting out clear recommended actions to keep staff and visitors safe.  Collinson also shares the standards measures with Members and customers - as well as our financial services and other clients - to ensure everyone can have confidence in the measures taken for their protection.

Keep it contactless

One of the key elements of the global standards is the Contactless Journey: this recommends changes to how our lounge partners process lounge visits at point of check-in, eliminating the need to pass the Collinson device and plastic cards between lounge staff and the visitor. 

Implementing Contactless Journey is critical to addressing the traveller’s strong preference for touch-free airport experiences. The Priority Pass Travel Sentiment Survey found that travellers want fewer interactions with other passengers and intend to increase their usage of online check-in and self-service bag check. 80% want to be able to use contactless services.

Three steps, all touch-free

The Contactless Journey standard sets out a simple three-step process for a no-signature check-in. 
• Lounge staff enter the visitor’s flight number on the signature screen. 
• Lounge staff must show the visitor the device screen displaying their accepted access, before the visitor can enter the lounge.
• The visitor verbally agrees the visit details and the lounge staff “Accept” the visit on behalf of the visitor.

At no stage does the visitor come into contact with the Collinson device. To see the how simple it is to introduce the Contactless Journey standard, see this video.

Welcoming visitors back with confidence

We believe that full implementation of our global standards is essential to ensure that airport lounges continue to provide a unique and personal experience, while also protecting against the continued threat of Coronavirus.

We kindly ask our partners to do everything they can to implement the measures recommended in our global standards. We also invite feedback and dialogue about what you have already done or plan to do where it differs from the recommendations detailed.

You can download a copy of the Collinson Airport Lounge Health & Hygiene Standards here.


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