Corporate COVID-19 Testing and Reopening Consultation Services

Nobody could have anticipated the speed at which the COVID-19 pandemic has struck, or the extent of its impact. If you are like most, you are left with more questions than answers as COVID-19 spreads across the globe and as the pandemic hits another surge, companies have had to re-examine their reopening plans, adding COVID-19 testing in an effort to minimize exposure. But which test makes the most sense for your organization?

Adding to this is the need for some members of your organization to start traveling again. With new testing options being offered through airlines and at the airport, have you updated your travel guidance and policies? Partnering with a company like Collinson who has medical expertise and experience developing test plans for organizations across the globe, is the first step.

Solutions where and when you need them
With Collinson’s COVID-19 services, you will have the support from one organization to help you build return to work plans and execute on them. And, unlike other options where you need to make these decisions alone and then find resource that meet your requirements, you have one team to work with, backed by in-house medical expertise, ensuring you are making the best decisions.

Working side by side with your team, we will develop and execute:
• Blueprint for on-site testing
• Full testing support, including medical staff where needed
• Action plans for positive COVID tests
• Ongoing support, as needed

Collinson has experience working with companies across industries, from airports to entertainment, to set up COVID-19 testing facilities, administer tests, and provide results.


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