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Assistência de viagem

Ajudando seus consumidores a viajar com segurança.

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Travel Risk Assitance

Travel assistance

International Medical Ins

Medical assistance

Security Risk Mitigation

Security assistance

Travel Assistance

Dedicated telephone triage and email access to advise and assist travellers on pre-departure issues. Emergency travel assistance, to help travellers cope with logistical issues and travel disruption whilst on the move. Customers can also receive help with visa, lost luggage, credit cards or passports.

Security assistance

Security advisory services that ensure travellers feel safe wherever they are.  Customers are able to access information on destination security risks and location specific advice before travel and have access to a hotline for support on what to do following a security incident or assault.

Medical assistance

Safe hands whether travellers need routine medical advice or help with seeking treatment overseas, a 24/7/365 assistance platform is available with access to qualified medical staff. In addition, customers can seek guidance from medical staff on travel health including vaccination and disease risk, before travelling.

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