The guest experience has never been more important. As the world becomes smaller and more connected, there’s increasing pressure for hospitality brands to meet the needs of an increasingly diverse audience. The size of room or length of stay is now really just the baseline requirement, as The Internet of Things brings smart device controlled room automation and hotels diversify with rooms based on lifestyle and hobbies. 

Consumers undoubtedly want greater choice and personalisation. Now is the time for hospitality brands to continue to innovate, understand and enrich the guest experience for the choice-rich, patience-poor, customer of today. With over 30 years experience in working with over 20 hotel groups globally, we understand the importance to you of delivering more personalised, insight-driven experiences for your guests and loyalty programme members.

Drive loyalty commerce

Whether you need to better engage your guest programme members, generate more income from them, or get points off your balance sheet to help with revenue recognition, our loyalty commerce expertise will help. Our platforms and unrivalled global partner and merchant networks deliver solutions which drive greater engagement and profitability. 

Increase FGP engagement

Be it creating, improving or managing a guest programme, or simply broadening your member’s ability to earn and redeem loyalty currency, we have the global expertise to help you deliver a more engaging and profitable guest programme.

Improve programme performance

Guest and member insight is always at the heart of our thinking, and it’s this intelligence that helps us shape the perfect programme for you, and most crucially, your members – be it programme strategy, guest communications, or the sourcing and serving of rewards. 

With member insight from working with the world’s leading hotel brands and specific understanding of your industry issues, we can help you reduce channel shift to OTAs and increase the profitability of your customers and your loyalty programme.

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