Be part of a Dynamic Value Exchange

Increase the frequency, value and longevity of your customer relationships through the delivery of relevant offers and rewards.

Collinson Valuedynamx

Collinson Valuedynamx helps travel loyalty programmes, financial institutions, merchants and retailers drive higher commercial growth by connecting them with the right partners while incentivising customer spend and engagement through points earning and redemption tailored offers and rewards across a wide range of categories.

This delivers mutually valuable, long-term relationships, improving loyalty programme and currency engagement, driving card preference for financial institutions and increasing sales for retailers and merchants.  These sustainable commerce networks expand brand reach and visibility, driving up the value and relevance of customer programmes and increasing partners share of wallet.

Dynamic Value Exchange

Connecting your customers with global commerce networks gives them more choice, more reasons to engage and more ways to earn and spend loyalty currency with merchants and retailers.  More interactions and transactions generate more purchase and behavioural data, creating powerful insights that help increase relevance and improve targeting to optimise future engagements.

Cutting-edge technology seamlessly delivers relevant offers and rewards, increasing offer participation, rewards redemption and spend, growing revenue and amplifying the value of each customer over time. 
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Travel programmes

Financial services

Merchant Acquirer

Merchant partners

Travel programmes

Collinson works with airlines and hotel groups to create exclusive experiences for high-income frequent travellers.  We expand rewards beyond your core business, encouraging more everyday interactions. This drives deeper engagement with your programme, incrementally increasing its value while growing brand loyalty. 

Financial services

The digital-first economy means customers are frequently demanding more from their banks and financial providers. Connecting you with the right customer programmes and merchants increases the relevance and frequency of your customer interactions creating customer relationships that last and stand-out from the crowd.  

Merchant partners 

Merchants are facing increasing competition for business and a growing need to provide added value and stand out.  Valuedynamx delivers against this while providing permission-based access to millions of affluent customers, including high-net-worth airline and hotel programme members. 

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