Valuedynamx is the leading provider of global loyalty commerce and personalised offer networks

Providing products and rewards that enable our client brands to more frequently engage their customers, leading to more profitable and long-term relationships.
More ways to earn and redeem rewards

Market-leading rewards platforms

Broader global partner networks

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Powerful technology and data insights

Unrivalled buying power

Powerful technology and data insights

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Customers expect engaging programmes to be directly relevant to them across a wide range of everyday touch points. Valuedynamx enables you to deliver superior customer engagement through the interplay of rewards, offers, payments, and data backed by our global merchant networks.  

Valuedynamx drives higher commercial growth for travel loyalty programmes, financial institutions, merchants and retailers by connecting them with the right partners, resulting in mutually valuable, and dynamic, long-term partnerships.  

With access to timely, targeted offers and tailored rewards, customers have more opportunities to earn and redeem more frequently and meaningfully.  


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Deliver high performing programmes and connect with global partners

Rewards Programme

Reward Programmes

We expand rewards and offers beyond your core business, encouraging more everyday interactions between you and your customers, which results in deeper and more frequent engagement and longer-term and more profitable relationships.

Merchant Partners

Merchant Partners

Permission-based access to some of the most affluent airline, hotel and savvy financial institution customers in the world, at a time when many consumers are seeking a means to either save money or maintain their reward status and rewards accumulation.


Increase opportunities for your customers to earn and redeem rewards and offers, while growing revenue

Rewards Earning

Rewards Earning

Keep your loyalty programme or bank card top of mind with offers curated for your customers’ ever-changing lives. Our solutions allow them to earn points and rewards for shopping, online or in-store. For bank members, our solutions enable cashback offers for debit and credit card users. This encourages more everyday engagement, growing points balances, increased card preference and brand loyalty.

Rewards Redemption

Rewards Redemption

Research shows that members who redeem for small frequencies on a regular basis are more likely to remain loyal to a programme. Give customers more ways to redeem their loyalty currency with uniquely tailored, online stores offering travel and merchandise rewards that keep your members engaged.


Our experienced professionals

Mark Jackson
Proposition and Innovation Director, Valuedynamx
James Berry
Commercial Director, Valuedynamx
Guy Deslandes
Global Head of Business Development and Client Services, Valuedynamx
Jean Perez
Head of Data and Analytics, Valuedynamx
Carmen Melliard Villanueva
Global Client Success Director, Valuedynamx
Ed Wogan
SVP Chief Merchant Officer, US, Valuedynamx
Steve Landuyt
SVP Global Sales Director, US, Valuedynamx


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