Proven methods to drive incremental sales and acquire new customers

Millions of customers are shown offers generated by Valuedynamx every day.

Drive more sales

Reach high-value customers

Prove marketing return on investment

Reach high-value customers

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Merchants are facing increasing competition for new business and a need to provide added value to existing customers to stand out. Valuedynamx delivers against these challenges by providing permission-based access to millions of affluent customers, including high-net-worth airline and hotel loyalty programme members and well as savvy bank and payment card customers.


Why choose us

Core Benefits

Reach new consumers

With access to millions of customers, your brand is exposed to a new group of consumers looking to engage with offers and rewards.

Core Benefits

Pay for performance

With low or no set-up fees, and marketing costs incurred only when your offers result in a sale at your store or your e-commerce site, there is zero risk of wasted budget.

Core Benefits

Drive brand recognition

Consumers are provided with a seamless, branded offer and rewards experience, making sure you are top of mind when they make their next purchase.

Core Benefits

Increase basket size

Get the data you need to optimise your results delivered in a streamlined, easy-to-understand format. You will also be able to access an experienced marketing team who can help you design the right offers and campaigns to increase your results.


Driving deeper customer engagement


Card Linked Offers

Seamlessly deliver offers tied directly to consumers’ favourite payment cards. Introduce your brand to new audiences and re-engage lapsed customers.

Online Affiliate Offers

Engage with loyalty programme members by appearing in online offer malls. Members can earn points, miles or cash-back when they shop with your brand.

Online Affiliate Networks

Online Affiliate Network

Available in specific regions, our state-of-the-art affiliate network provides opportunities to drive online results through a wide variety of affiliate programmes.


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