We help the world’s leading brands leverage the right rewards through our flexible online Loyalty Redemption solutions and partnership network to drive member engagement and more profitable behaviour.

Greater choice
Members want, and expect, more choice. We help brands extend their reward portfolios beyond core products and experiences, with redemption opportunities that keep programme members engaged and spending, even when they’re not travelling. 

Burning drives Earning and Excitement
Our studies show that members who redeem on non-core inventory go on to earn more points with brands than those who do not. Clients can create a more engaging and rewarding loyalty programme experience for their members with our solutions and even benefit from driving loyalty currency off their balance sheets.

Integrated Solutions
Our world-leading e-commerce technologies provide real-time integration with your own points system so that member balances are instantly updated with every purchase or interaction. We make it quick and easy for your members to redeem with a combination of points and cash to help you encourage transactions and deliver additional revenue opportunities. 

Optimised and Personalised
With a constantly optimised and personalised customer shopping experience, you can categorise, segment and promote different products and experiences, easily aligning offers with different customer profiles, including fun options like prize draws and auctions. Our experts work with you to optimise your reward portfolio and promotions, consistently stimulating member engagement and driving longer-term loyalty.

Collinson SmartRedeem Store™
Our award-winning, personalised redemption solution.

Collinson SmartRedeem Travel™
Our integrated, real-time, dynamic travel booking solution.

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