At Collinson, we use our 30+ years experience to drive true customer loyalty, which extends beyond traditional “earn and burn” programmes to connect with people on a more emotional level. While those programmes may promote the habit of buying from a particular brand, a well-defined loyalty strategy will use them as one of many tactics to engender a deeper customer relationship. As we move people from being mere purchasers to being fans of a brand, we make them less fickle, more likely to return, and better advocates. 

Loyalty is the ability to understand and engage customers in a relevant, meaningful way. By understanding what motivates them, we can encourage long-term customer relationships that are based not on convenience or habit, but on experiences that are too good to miss.

Collinson’s loyalty strategy team, formerly our specialist loyalty agency ICLP, has a proven process for developing, deploying, and optimising unique programmes that differentiate brands and improve customer experiences. 

  • 30+ years experience
  • Broad range of sector experience
  • Proprietary tools

Driving revenue and profitability
Our experienced loyalty strategists help you develop a better picture of your customers and their motivations, as well as the wider market and competitive context. Using our bespoke tools, we uncover the commercials needed to drive both revenue and profitability from your loyalty initiative. The end result is a tailor-made strategy that drives ongoing customer engagement based on a robust commercial model.

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