EVA Air enters into a multi-year partnership with Collinson and Points to enhance Infinity MileageLands programme

Marketing Team
Marketing Team
17 Dec 2021

New loyalty solutions will increase member engagement and generate revenue uplift for EVA Air’s loyalty programme.

Award-winning, Taiwanese carrier, EVA Air, a global leader in loyalty commerce, Points (Nasdaq: PCOM) (TSX: PTS), have entered into a new multi-year collaboration to introduce a series of member benefits that will increase customer engagement and generate additional ancillary revenue streams for the carrier via the Infinity MileageLands programme.

The partnership began November 11, 2021 with the introduction of Purchase Miles, which leverages Points’ Buy solution and enables customers to get to their rewards sooner by buying additional miles at a preferential rate. A series of additional loyalty solutions designed to offer members even more utility and value when accruing miles will be introduced in 2022.

EVA Air is also leveraging Points’ industry-leading loyalty marketing expertise and data-driven insights to develop personalised campaigns to the Infinity MileageLands membership base which is expected to drive additional growth for the program.

“EVA Air is glad to collaborate with Points and Collinson and to create various loyalty programmes, allowing our members to accumulate miles more easily and get better value from their online purchase,” said EVA President Clay Sun. “By leveraging the 2 partners’ expertise, EVA can extend the loyalty programmes into our members’ daily life and increase their engagement opportunities. We are excited about the new programmes and the added benefits for our members.”

A further addition as part of the new partnership is EVA Mileage Mall, a market-leading, earning platform powered by Collinson Valuedynamx. Customers can shop their favourite brands online and earn additional miles that are credited to their membership accounts via an integration with Points’ Loyalty Commerce Platform.

Customers expect engaging loyalty programs that are directly relevant to them across a wide range of everyday touchpoints. EVA Mileage Mall powered by Collinson’s Valuedynamx delivers on this by creating a seamless online shopping experience to members, strengthening brand relationships and further driving customer loyalty.

Rob MacLean, CEO of Points, also welcomed the news, “We are extremely pleased to be partnering with EVA Air for the first time, and renewing our longstanding collaboration with Collinson, to help grow and enhance the overall value of the Infinity MileageLands programme. By implementing our loyalty solutions, EVA Air can generate additional membership engagement opportunities together with establishing new revenue streams for the Infinity MileageLands programme.”

Jeremy Goh, Regional Director APAC for Points, commented, “We are delighted to be able to add EVA Air to our growing portfolio of loyalty programme partners within the APAC region. Our 20+ years of loyalty experience and marketing expertise has been proven to bring revenue growth for loyalty programmes worldwide, and we're excited to be implementing these solutions now for EVA Air to help accelerate their post pandemic recovery.”

With this new collaboration, EVA joins close to 60 of the world’s most well known loyalty programmes who already leverage Points' best-in-class loyalty solutions.

For more information on how Collinson can help loyalty programmes unlock their full potential, click here.

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