Each year the number and frequency of data breaches and cyber attacks reported globally grows dramatically, increasing the risk of identity fraud. In 2019 there were over 15 billion records breached, representing a year-on-year increase of more than 280%(1).

The impact of this is growing concern around the security of personal data and identity information.  Collinson's comprehensive services keep customers’ personal and financial profiles safe and their identities protected, across all devices, anywhere in the world.

(1) 2019 Year End Data Breach Report, Risk Based Security


Online monitoring


Protective software


Ongoing support

Delivering commercial value

Our scalable identity assistance solutions are an ideal bolt-on to your existing products and services. Offering identity protection gives you a competitive edge, helping your company to stand out while providing your customers' with peace of mind.


Mitigating against cybercrime

Constant online monitoring helps prevent criminals from stealing personal and financial details to trade on the dark web. Our portal alerts customers to any risk of identity theft or fraud, classifying the level of risk so that they can take the right action.

Protection across devices

Whether using a desktop, laptop, mobile or tablet, our identity protection solutions protect customers from phishing and key-logging attacks, two of the fastest-growing online threats, so they feel protected and safe to browse on any device. 


Providing practical support 

Customers can rely on our expert team to offer guidance on identity security, highlight risks and identify any suspicious activity. We also provide assistance for lost or stolen cards, while copies of important documents are stored securely for easy retrieval, giving customers the peace of mind that they can access missing items without delay.

Tailored solutions that deliver value

Our identity protection solutions can be tailored to your customer base and commercial requirements, delivering value for your business.

Helping your customers feel more secure

We provide a comprehensive service to keep customers’ personal and financial profiles safe and their identity protected - at all times, anywhere in the world and across all devices.

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