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With Salesforce Loyalty Management customers can integrate loyalty across their business – Commerce, Service and Sales – to enhance the customer experience at every touchpoint through personalisation, recognition and rewards.

Collinson’s teams of loyalty experts – strategic and technical - can apply their ‘know-how’ to help you create a one-of-a-kind customer loyalty programme built around your brand and business drivers that will look and feel bespoke to your customers.

With our unique loyalty products we can further extend the capability of Salesforce Loyalty Management making your customer loyalty programme even more out of reach from your nearest competitors.


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Flexible engagement

Supporting configurable earning, burning and lifecycle programme engagement. Customer interactions or milestones can be rewarded. Benefits and rewards can be pushed to customers in real-time and promotions created that precisely define the target segment, behaviour, and how members qualify.

Advanced lifecycle management

Loyalty Management supports a rich set of features for flexible and sophisticated lifecycle management. It encourages continuous and deeper engagement with targeted campaigns, promotions and communications through Marketing Cloud. At every stage of the lifecycle the platform enables you to track and reward actions across any kind of activity with your brand.

Real-time Data and Insights

Using Tableau CRM for Loyalty Management to monitor program performance in real time, enabling you to make changes that increase programme profitability. Generate segmented and interactive data visualisations to inform strategy, offers and campaigns.

Partnership management

Extend the reach of your loyalty programme giving members earn and burn opportunities with your partners and allowing your members to transfer points. By enriching your programme with a greater portfolio of rewards and earning opportunities, you can build stronger emotional connections with your brand, deepening loyalty and increasing advocacy.


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Our expert teams can help you build your loyalty proposition

Loyalty Services


We work with you to create strategies that drive smarter customer experiences by focusing on the needs of your customers and your business. We support you by analysing data, assessing customer behaviour, integrating, or streamlining processes to deliver targeted and integrated engagement.

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Loyalty Solutions


Our global merchant network, services and platforms work together create powerful end-to-end customer loyalty programmes which drive greater engagement and increases customer rewards, satisfaction and retention, while increasing revenue for your business. These are tailored based on your specific requirements.

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Loyalty Platforms

Loyalty Platforms

Our award winning, proprietary loyalty platforms work in real time to track and reward all customer loyalty transactions, strengthening loyalty and driving profitability through a seamless customer rewards experience. As a Registered Salesforce Partner with Certified experts across CRM and Loyalty, Collinson can help Salesforce Loyalty Management customers leverage their investment by designing and implementing fully integrated and seamless customer experiences – at speed and at scale.

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Data and Analytics

Data and Analytics

Data can be challenging but when done right, it offers a competitive edge in today’s age of digital disruption by providing a deeper understanding of your customers and business. This makes it a critical factor in creating more meaningful relationships with customers and improving business operations.

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