Confidence in the travel journey

Our airport lounge and travel experiences offerings are now more valued than ever, providing both confidence and comfort when your customers travel.
Airport Experiences and TE
Long history within the travel sector

30+ years providing travel services

Expanding choice of airport lounges and experiences

Expanding choice of airport lounges and experiences

Extensive global network of lounges and partners

Extensive global network of lounges and partners

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We created the world’s first airport lounge membership programme, Priority Pass and built it to be the product of choice for businesses wanting to reward their premium customers with the best travel perks. Our products are offered in multiple languages and with features that allow our clients to tailor the propositions that are proven to increase customer acquisition, engagement and retention.


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A variety of products to suit different client needs

Priority Pass
Airport and Travel Enhancement

Priority Pass™

Our flagship premium membership programme that enhances the travel experience, providing confidence and comfort to your customers, while you benefit from better engagement and increased cardholder loyalty.

Lounge Key
Airport and Travel Enhancement


Customers can use your brand’s payment card to access airport lounges around the world, associating the benefits directly with you.

Lounge Pass
Airport and Travel Enhancement

Lounge Pass™

Providing our worldwide tour operator, travel agent and airline clients with a pre-bookable, one-time benefit that increases customer satisfaction while boosting income.

Airport Dimensions
Airport and Travel Enhancement

Airport Dimensions

Owning and operating our own airport lounges, sleep pods and other airport experiences ensures that your customers have exclusive access to the most and best experiences in airports across the world.


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