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Data can be challenging but when done right, it offers a competitive edge in today’s age of digital disruption by providing a deeper understanding of your customers and business. This makes it a critical factor in creating more meaningful relationships with customers and improving business operations.

Our data-first culture and experiences with data have allowed us to help hundreds of clients drive performance and connect more with their customers. We developed our own data ecosystem, SmartInsight™ to provide our clients with access to a single unified platform and skilled teams to cover all their data requirements. Leveraging tools and products within Salesforce Customer 360, we help our clients build more complete customer views, generate and visualise unique customer insights through Tableau and increase the efficiency and effectiveness though Einstein AI.


Creating value through deeper customer insights

Data services

Overcome the challenge of unifying disparate data, increase efficiency through integration and automation, plus bring stories and insights to life with engaging visualisations. Our specialist teams and technology can operate ‘as-a-service’ or plug into your existing organisation, and provide expert insight across loyalty, travel, retail and financial services.


Our proprietary and unique integrated ecosystem of carefully chosen data technology combines leading marketing automation, data science, AI and data visualization with our own data products. Apply the benefits of big data, machine learning and AI to your customers’ experiences and create hyper-personalised, real-time, contextual, omni-channel customer interactions.

Advanced analytics

Leveraging big data, Einstein AI and machine learning makes it easier and quicker to discover deeper insights, make predictions and generate recommendations, helping you to stay one step ahead in today’s fast-changing world. Find patterns, trends, and themes that may be hidden within your data and use them to fully understand your customers and deliver better experiences.

Intelligent marketing automation

With our 30+ years CRM and loyalty heritage, we have deep marketing automation experience and expertise across Salesforce Marketing Cloud and other leading platforms. Through advanced analytics, we help you unlock critical insights to create ‘segment of one’ personalised communications, delivered at the moment it counts


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Our expert teams can help you build your loyalty proposition

Loyalty Services


We work with you to create strategies that drive smarter customer experiences by focusing on the needs of your customers and your business. We support you by analysing data, assessing customer behaviour, integrating, or streamlining processes to deliver targeted and integrated engagement.

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Smart Engage

Salesforce Loyalty Management

Salesforce Loyalty Management is the jewel in Salesforce’s Customer 360 crown bringing together Sales, Service, Marketing, Commerce and Customer Data to deliver fully-integrated loyalty solutions for brands across all sectors. Collinson works closely with Salesforce customers to design, implement and optimise their loyalty programmes using Loyalty Management, Marketing Cloud and other Salesforce products.

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Loyalty Solutions


Our global merchant network, services and platforms work together create powerful end-to-end customer loyalty programmes which drive greater engagement and increases customer rewards, satisfaction and retention, while increasing revenue for your business. These are tailored based on your specific requirements.

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Loyalty Platforms

Loyalty Platforms

Our award winning, proprietary loyalty platforms work in real time to track and reward all customer loyalty transactions, strengthening loyalty and driving profitability through a seamless customer rewards experience. As a Registered Salesforce Partner with Certified experts across CRM and Loyalty, Collinson can help Salesforce Loyalty Management customers leverage their investment by designing and implementing fully integrated and seamless customer experiences – at speed and at scale.

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