The Rise of Care and Support at Home

22 November 2016
As cost pressures mount on social services, local authorities and the NHS, more and more people are recovering at home. Questions such as, who looks after recovering patients, how much this costs and who pays are becoming increasingly prevalent.

Our research reveals there are two and a half million adults in the UK who have no-one to turn to post hospitalisation. That's the same amount as the populations of Birmingham, Leeds, Bradford and Liverpool combined.  It might be impossible for them to carry out everyday tasks and chores un-assisted.

In response, Collinson has recently launched Care and Support at Home, which is designed to give your customers peace of mind in the event of needing care and support post hospitalisation. We also believe it will reduce hospital readmission in the first month after discharge, and potentially speed up hospital discharge - therefore acting as a cost containment mechanism and as a source of ancillary revenue.

In our report, you will discover:
  • The current scale of people who feel they couldn't ask friends or family members to assist with personal care
  • The misjudgement of the level and quality of care that the NHS and public sector networks can provide
  • How our findings support the rationale for a personalised product that can help in the wake of surgery and enhance the recovery process at home

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