Single-use lounge access via LoungeKey Pass

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Collinson’s partnership with Revolut enables a small portfolio of Revolut’s higher tier cardholders to gain access to lounges via LoungeKey Pass, valid for one visit per person. 

LoungeKey Pass provides Revolut’s premium cardholders with single use access to over 1200 lounges. Unlike our other programs, there are no additional benefits such as customer support, access to pre-book and airport retail offers.


How does LoungeKey Pass work?

LoungeKey Pass enables the customer to gain single-use access to a lounge that is already operating with the LoungeKey program.

Unlike LoungeKey Members who have their lounge access validated via their payment card, LoungeKey Pass customers must first request a Pass from their bank issuer. Additional Passes for their accompanying guests are requested the same way. Customers are then provided with a unique QR code per person per visit, which is generated on their banking app or sent via email.

Single-use lounge access via LoungeKey Pass


How can we validate a LoungeKey Pass?

Each LoungeKey Pass customer should present their unique QR code upon arrival at your lounge. The QR code will be next to a LoungeKey logo, indicating your ability to record the visit under the LoungeKey program.

To validate a LoungeKey Pass visit, each QR code for one person per visit must be scanned using your electronic device. In cases where the QR code cannot be scanned, the 16-digit ‘Reference Number’ printed directly above the QR code will have to be manually entered on your device or Lounge Gateway portal.

Collinson will be closely monitoring single-use visits to lounges via the LoungeKey Pass program to ensure there is minimal impact on other LoungeKey customers.





We are here to support you with training and technical issues so please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.