Strengthening our communities

Marketing Team
Marketing Team
16 Dec 2019

Strengthening our communities main

We want to make a positive impact in all the places we operate. 

That’s why every time one of our colleagues raises money for a good cause, Collinson matches it by up to £250. And we know that giving time can be just as valuable as money, so we provide one day of paid leave for those who wish to contribute their time and talents to recognised charities, causes or not-for-profit organisations.

Community within our company
Our colleagues strengthen communities within Collinson too. We have many different networks and groups with different aims or interests, such as Women in Collinson, Under 30s, LINK and our BAME networks. They’re colleague driven and open to all. Many of these groups have sub-groups, for example, our BAME network also runs a popular book club. 

Stories that make us proud

Our Haywards Heath office held a food collection for the local food bank, collecting over 49kgs worth of items:

“On behalf of the Haywards Heath Food Bank, I would like to thank you and your colleagues so much for your generous and very kind donations of food/sundries recently.

I am pleased to tell you that the weigh collected on this occasion was 49.20kgs, which is a fantastic amount.

Thank you for supporting us in our work to give food to those who come upon difficult times. This year we have been giving food to an average of about 125 people each month, and 40% of them are children.”

This office has also supported other local charities such as the Hygiene Bank. They collect everyday items like soap, nappies, washing powder, etc. and give these items to people in need, helping to combat hygiene poverty. 

"I can’t thank you enough for the amazing donations we collected on Friday! 42kg of much needed products which have already been distributed to our many projects around Brighton including the women's refuge we support, a project helping vulnerable families and another charity that works with people on the streets.

We quite simply couldn't exist without the generosity of our supporters and I'm truly grateful to you and your team for kindness and beneficence."


Other fundraising efforts include raising money for the Australian bushfires, with fundraising taking place in all our offices across the globe.

Marketing Team

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