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Marketing Team
Marketing Team
02 Mar 2021

Female assisting a child in gymnasitcs

We want to benefit the communities we work in. That’s why we work with a number of charities, both global and local, to help our young people thrive.

Save the Children
We’re delighted to have a three-year partnership with Save the Children. In its first two years, the partnership focussed on supporting young migrants in China. Through investment in skills, training and career counselling, the partnership helped to improve the life chances and prospects of young migrants in Shenzhen and Guangzhou in the Guangdong provenance.

2021/2022 outcomes:

  • 231 young people gained the skills and knowledge they need to gain decent employment.
  • 30 young people received additional career counselling.
  • 71% of these young people showed improvement in employability skills, and 78% found the programme useful to clarify and achieve their career plans.
  • It’s estimated 50-60% of the youth who participated in the ASST Programme are expected to be employed and 40% are expected to pursue further education.

With one in six children now living in conflict, and the number of natural disasters higher than ever before, we’re also very proud to be supporting Save the Children’s Emergency Fund which provides the flexibility, adaptability and urgency needed to help children caught up in emergencies.

Coach Core
Coach Core is an apprentice scheme in London that gives young people the chance to become a sports coach. We are a founding partner of the charity and have supported the apprentices since 2016. They visit our London and Haywards Heath offices most weeks and we love seeing how each group grows in confidence and ability during the programme. 90% of the graduates in the first and second years went into full-time education or employment within six months of finishing the scheme. 

2021/2022 outcomes:

  • 14 apprentices completed their sports coaching qualifications. 
  • These coaches went on to deliver 1560 coaching sessions which engaged 175,000 people in their local communities, with 32 apprentices taking part in additional Collinson-sponsored volunteering programmes.

"The apprenticeship has had a massive impact. It's opened doors to things I didn't even know were available. Coach Core has been great, it set me up on the right path and gave me a clearer view of what is possible." - Coach Core Apprentice, London

I am so happy that I have now got the confidence to strive closer and do the job that I have always dreamed of, so thank you for making my confidence so much bigger and for showing me what I need to do at school to succeed.

University of Birmingham
The Access to Birmingham (A2B) programme is the University of Birmingham’s sector-leading fair access programme which has been running for over 20 years. It was the first programme of its kind in the UK and has enabled more than 3,000 young people from disadvantaged backgrounds to study at the University. The programme is designed to help young people in urgent financial need access the education and life chances that they deserve by providing financial, professional skills and social capital support. 

Collinson are supporting three students to access University and support their studies through the A2B programme over the next three years.

“The programme has made a huge difference in my life. Besides the financial benefits of the scheme, which allowed me to remain focused on my studies and not worry about financial costs, the scheme has made a personal difference by providing me with opportunities to build on existing skills and develop new skills.”- Haroon, A2B student, University of Birmingham

Marketing Team

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