“Cybersecurity is a shared responsibility” … the theme for European Cybersecurity month

Marketing Team
Marketing Team
20 Oct 2021

Whilst cybersecurity has traditionally been a concern for businesses, it has become an increasing problem for consumers. 

As organisations make it harder for criminals to target them directly criminals are now more likely to target individuals, in particular through phishing attacks. 

As a direct result of the increase in phishing attacks Authorised Payment Fraud, where a customer approves the payment, has increased by 71%# during the first half of the year. This demonstrates how criminals have adapted to target individuals directly.

The UK National Cyber Security Centre also highlighted the increase in phishing scams via phone and text, increasing 83%† (over 12 months to March 2021) and Google highlighted a 27%‡ increase in detected Phishing sites over 12 months.

Now more than ever individuals should take ownership of their personal data, how they share it and how they secure it. For more information on how Collinson can support your customers visit our website, https://www.collinsongroup.com/en/insurance-and-protection/identity-assistance


October is European Cyber Security Month, supported by the European Commission and ENISA (the EU Agency for Cybersecurity. The campaign and various activities seek to promote cybersecurity among citizens an organisations, you can read more here.

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† UK National Cyber Security Centre, Threat Report Aug-21
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Marketing Team

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