As consumers form the new “C-suite” in this era, their expectations are rapidly evolving. Layered with this era of unpredictability – from the pandemic to now coping with deep economic uncertainties – businesses across Asia Pacific face an immense challenge to stay relevant. Their customer engagement activities need to create value for multi-generational consumers and deliver measurable business impact.

Financial services institutions are taking charge by leveraging the power of travel and the influence it has over customer loyalty to create experiences, design products and even build completely new business models. With the heightened value placed on travel, how do travel-related rewards and benefits influence consumer behaviour?

At the recent 2023 Asian Banking & Finance Summit in Singapore held at the Sofitel City Centre on 6 September 2023, Rohan Bhalla, Collinson’s Vice President, Business Solutions, Asia Pacific delivered a keynote presentation on the topic – Do you have a travel playbook? Understanding the power and influence of travel on consumer behaviour.