Influencing the loyalty of mass affluent consumers

Marketing Team
Marketing Team
30 Nov 2015


What are the motivations and attitudes amongst the affluent middle class?

Economic growth, rapid urbanisation and improving wealth and wellbeing, are rapidly expanding the global middle class. With considerable spending power and the ability to shape the aspirations, buying habits and loyalty of other consumers, they are the coveted customers for many brands.

Our research sought to understand the motivations and attitudes of consumers within the top 10-15% income in 8 countries and identified four segments or "tribes" which span age, gender and geographies.

In this report, you will gain valuable insight on:

  • The profile of each of the tribes and their shared behaviours and attitudes
  • Their attitude to travel and their use of technology
  • The areas of strategic opportunity for attracting and retaining these valuable consumers
  • The importance of experiences and tailoring products, services to win their hearts and minds
Marketing Team

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