Loyalty in a post Covid world

Marketing Team
Marketing Team
23 Mar 2021

Loyalty Head

What motivates a customer to return to a particular brand again and again? How has the pandemic changed consumer behaviour? As the world works towards recovery in 2021, how crucial will loyalty be for businesses? These are just a few of the questions businesses have been asking since the start of the pandemic.

Collinson has been a key sponsor of the Data & Marketing Association’s (DMA) yearlong Customer Engagement research, part of which involved the production of the ‘Customer Engagement: How to Win Trust and Loyalty – 2020’ report.

We have reviewed the report through the lens of rational, transactional and emotive motivators of loyalty, creating three chapters based on this:

 Loyalty ruled by the Head
 Loyalty ruled by the Heart
 Loyalty ruled by the Hands

How can companies understand what behaviour drives loyalty and utilise this as we prepare for a post-Covid world?

In the first chapter ‘Loyalty Ruled by the Head’ we evaluate the effects of functional transactional loyalty. We highlight how to connect with consumers from a practical viewpoint and uncover what is important to them.

View the report below

The next report will focus on the emotional side of loyalty in ‘Loyalty Ruled by the Heart’, the final report ‘Loyalty Ruled by the Hands’ will look at increased importance of digital channels.

Marketing Team

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