Let’s Talk Loyalty – Prioritising customer experiences in loyalty

Marketing Team
Marketing Team
06 Mar 2024

We have partnered up with Salesforce and the leading loyalty podcast - Let’s Talk Loyalty to bring you the latest in the travel loyalty space! 

Ram Machiraju, Vice President of Product Management at Salesforce, and I share insights from airlines, hotels, and rail clients in the context of growth in the travel ecosystem.

Listen to find out more about:

  • Why Collinson and Salesforce make such a strong partnership within the loyalty ecosystem
  • How loyalty programmes are changing and the increasing demand for customer experiences and personalization
  • The importance of loyalty for data collection and customer profiling
  • How to future proof loyalty programmes
  • Case studies from our clients in the travel and hospitality industry and what are their key success factors

Interested in discussing how Collinson can help you prioritise customer experiences in your loyalty programme?

Get in touch now.

Marketing Team

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