The changing shape of loyalty

Marketing Team
Marketing Team
15 Dec 2022

Loyalty programmes are always evolving. Or, at least, they should be.
Whether driven by rapidly changing customer needs, or by advances in technology, programmes have shape-shifted to match and mirror industry requirements. The COVID-19 pandemic created disruptions that accelerated new customer behaviours and expectations, bringing forward a digital revolution by several years, but what is next for this evolving landscape?
We asked a specially selected group of managers and owners of loyalty programmes what lies ahead for customer loyalty.
The survey captures their opinions on the changing loyalty landscape and the value of loyalty programmes to a business, including key challenges, future investment and new customer expectations. All responses were anonymous.
A broad spectrum of sectors are represented:

  • Insurance, Financial Services & Banking  
  • Retail 
  • Travel, Transport & Hospitality 

Our Loyalty Landscape research provides great foresight, but what about companies ready to take action and get fit for the future now? Collinson helps clients re-imagine, re-shape and re-vitalise their loyalty approaches, based on sound strategy, fresh ideas and extendable Salesforce solutions.
Did you know, 86% of our initiatives are still here 10 years later – we know how to keep long-term loyalty alive, adapting to stay ahead of customer expectations and competitors. New generational audiences and technology advancements mean change is coming and disruptors are already springing surprises - many brands need to take a leap forward now and Collinson can help.
Take the next step, whether you’re new to loyalty or looking to breathe new life into an existing programme, today. Our Design Canvas process will give you the creative leap to explain what Loyalty means for your brand in a 90 second pitch to the CEO on how your brand could really benefit from new fresh thinking to put it ahead of the pack.

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Marketing Team

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