Webinar: How to Build Lifelong Customer Loyalty in China

Marketing Team
Marketing Team
02 Jun 2022

Salesforce x ChatLabs x Collinson

A joint webinar by Salesforce x ChatLabs x Collinson on how brands can build and maintain customer loyalty in China 

There is no denying that customers’ behaviours and expectations have dramatically changed expedited by the pandemic. The modern consumer today is highly sophisticated, demanding frictionless and tailored interactions, making loyalty marketing far more challenging than before. Customer-centric experiences with real-time, in-the-moment, personalised conversations at the consumers’ fingertips are crucial, particularly in the mobile-first markets like China. 

The joint webinar titled “Customer Secrets: How to build and maintain customer loyalty in China” revealed loyalty trends; recommended technology and solutions for the China market; as well as strategic considerations to win consumer loyalty in today’s world of choice-rich consumers.   

For businesses looking to build loyalty in China long into the future, it’s important to be aware of these must-haves: 

  • Personalised rewards and recognition – Beyond points and rewards, experience still matters
  • AI throughout the customer journey – To deliver the right content at the right moment 
  • Pay to play loyalty – Instant access to rewards and benefits on demand 
  • Evolution of digital – Invest in embedding consumer-grade innovations to provide richer experiences e.g., metaverse, AR, NFT 
Marketing Team

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