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A scalable customer engagement platform with a powerful rules engine to meet your travel or retail needs
Loyalty and Customer Engagement
Flexible, configurable platform

Flexible, configurable platform

SmartEngage - Enhanced customer

Enhanced customer experience

SmartEngage - Seamless integration

Seamless integration

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SmartEngage is our multi-award-winning retail and travel loyalty platform with a powerful rules engine. Its flexible earning rules can be configured to your requirements in real-time to deliver a smarter customer experience that drives deeper devotion.

With a wide range of out-of-the-box capabilities, SmartEngage allows you to quickly support the requirements of your loyalty programme. Our suite of API’s seamlessly integrates with your existing loyalty systems and are fully compliant.

Our platform enables you to deliver a highly configurable range of rewards and benefits based on your business requirements and define a dynamic selection which automatically identifies and targets members who match conditions defined in the promotion’s rules.


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Core Benefits

Flexible engagement

Supporting configurable earning, burning and lifecycle programme engagement. Customer interactions or milestones can be rewarded. Benefits and rewards can be pushed to customers in real-time and promotions created that precisely define the target segment, behaviour, and how members qualify.

Core Benefits

Sophisticated lifecycle management

From acquisition to tier progression and long-term membership, SmartEngage supports a rich set of features for flexible and sophisticated lifecycle management. It encourages continuous and deeper engagement with targeted campaigns, promotions and communications at every stage of the lifecycle allowing you to track and reward actions across any kind of activity with your brand.

Core Benefits

Data and insights

Use data for a consolidated view of your customer, transactions, redemption history and overall performance – giving you the insights to optimise your programme to meet your customer requirements.

Core Benefits

Partnership management

Extend the reach of your loyalty programme giving members earn and burn opportunities with your partners and allowing your members to transfer points. By enriching your programme with a greater portfolio of rewards and earning opportunities, you can build stronger emotional connections with your brand, deepening loyalty and increasing advocacy.


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